Fast Secure Adelaide Hosting

You need safe and reliable web hosting to take your business online. 

There are many web hosting services available today but all web hosting services are not the same. 

Here at Platinum Web Media, we offer a completely secure web hosting plan for $29 per month, with no lock in contract.

We are a full service digital agency offering high quality digital marketing solutions and we understand the importance of quality web hosting services in today’s competitive online environment. No business can afford to have even a moment’s downtime. An unreachable website does a lot of harm to the reputation of a business, in a world that loves to share every small happening on social media. 

However, businesses still choose to put their website on one of the many cheap web hosting services that put thousands of websites on a single server and do not provide adequate support when the things go wrong. 

Hosting Servers based in Adelaide, Australia

As mentioned above, we offer a broad range of digital services and know that every aspect of an online business is crucial for success in online environment. We care about the business of our clients and that means their website. 

Our single web hosting package from us comes with completely secure web hosting and full technical support. Our technical support ensures that your website does not suffer any kind of downtime and is available to the visitors 24 x 7.

We are small business ourselves and understand the importance of providing quality customer service. Therefore, our technical support team keeps an eye on our servers on a 24/7 basis and tries to take care of the problem, as soon as it is discovered. However, there may be times when a particular problem falls through the cracks and leads to some issues. In such cases, we always keep our customers updated at all times.

Dedicated In-House Customer Support

We know how crucial regular updates are for businesses and therefore our entire technical support team is based in-house in our office in Seaton in Adelaide as well as web hosting branch offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Hobart,m Darwin and Brisbane. Most of the other web hosting services outsource their technical support but we decided to have our technical support in office so that the technicians are available at all times to answer any queries and help with any issues.

Fastest Australian Web Hosting

The website speed not only affects user experience but it also affects rankings in organic search. Google has clarified that website loading speed is one of the many factors it takes into account, while calculating organic ranks.

We have high end dedicated servers that offer excellent uptime and high website speed for our customer’s websites. However, we have chosen to keep the prices low so that every business is able to afford it.

All of the websites hosted on our servers have access to unlimited technical support at all times. Our dedicated technical support team is knowledgeable and is eager to answer any of your queries in a friendly manner. 

Our customer service has always been recognised by customers as one of our strong points. You may contact us anytime. You can rest assured that your website is in safe and knowledgeable hands and your customers will always be able to reach your website at all times.