Adelaide SEO: The Quickstart Guide To Improve Local Search Rankings

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So you’re a local business owner in Adelaide and you want to boost your Adelaide SEO rankings and get more customers. They’re the lifeblood of every business, but getting them is tough. Throughout this article I’m going to reveal 5 quick guides you can implement that will dramatically improve your Adelaide SEO rankings and help your business see massive growth. Don’t worry about cost, because you can apply these 5 all on your own.

First off, who am I and why should you listen to me? I’m glad you asked, my name is Jason Dumana and over the past couple of years I’ve worked with over hundreds of business owners as an Adelaide SEO Consultant. I’ve worked with everyone from large companies that you’ve probably heard of, to small-medium-sized businesses like electricians, plumbers & carpet cleaners. I teach business owners how to leverage the power of local SEO to grow their business.

How does one get started in the internet marketing world? It all started back when I was 25. I worked for a local not-for-profit organisation, where I eventually worked my way up to managing the organisation. I learned quickly that during the off seasons we needed to get creative to keep donations flowing in. So I took my love for the computer and started figuring out ways to use the internet to our advantage and bring in new ways of getting donations. I spent 2 years here before venturing off on my own.

Now at early 30s, I’ve been working as an Adelaide SEO expert for 3 years full time and I absolutely love what I do. I get to help business owners’ everyday boost Adelaide SEO campaigns, drive targeted traffic and increase their bottom line. I also come up with new creative tactics for driving leads into the hands of business owners.

Now that you know a tiny bit about me, let’s jump right into these 5 quickstart guides that will improve your local search rankings.

5 Adelaide SEO Quickstart Guide

Quick guide#1:  SOCIAL PROOF

Did you know that 90% of consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by reviews? Crazy right? Think about the last time you were looking for a hotel to stay in, I bet you took a look at the reviews or even the rating that they had!

When I work with business owners I usually find 3 different Adelaide SEO scenarios. The first one is that they already know this and have some pretty cool reviews, that’s great! The second is that they have reviews, but some of them are bad and they are ignoring them. The third and last scenario I see is that they’ve totally neglected even acknowledging online reviews. What a mistake!

Since scenario number 1 is fine, let’s just start by talking about the second one. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ignore your negative reviews online. Take them as a lesson. Read them, see what you can do to fix the problem. I understand that there are situations where angry customers leave multiple reviews or an ex-employee is out for vengeance, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you or your employees make mistakes. So read through your bad reviews and learn from your mistake so that you don’t make it again.

Once you do that it’s time to fix them. The best way to handle negative reviews is to flush them out by getting more good reviews. How do you get good reviews? It’s simple, just ask. Hand out flyers or business cards that encourage your customers to leave you a review. Specifically on sites where you need the reviews most!

Let’s move onto the third scenario. Are you guilty of not even acknowledging online reviews?
Maybe you’re thinking to yourself no review, is a good review. This is so far from the truth. If I was out of town and on the hunt for a good restaurant to eat at, I’m going to head over to Google and do a local quick search. If I see 5 restaurants in the area pop-up and 3 of them have good reviews, 1 has bad reviews and 1 has no reviews, which group do you think I’m going to consider? BINGO! The group with the good reviews. It’s almost worse to have no reviews, than it is to have bad ones. It makes your business look un-established.


When I say organic rankings, I mean showing up in Google when someone is searching for a popular keyword of yours. Don’t ignore this powerful form of traffic, because it’s FREE and profitable. The other benefit is that when someone sees you on page 1 of Google they consider you an authority figure.

How can you get Google page 1 ranking? For starters, you should know what your popular keywords are. Google has a free tool called “Keyword Planner.” You can access this tool by heading over to Google Keyword Planner and signing up for a free account. From there you’ll be able to look under the “Tools” section and locate the Keyword Planner.

Once inside you can start to type in phrases that you think you might type in if you were a customer. For example if you’re an Electrician, you might type in “Electrician” or “Electrical”. From there you’re also going to want to select your location, think of this as your service area. The tool will then show you how many people are searching your phrases every month. It will also show you other suggestions for alternative keywords that might be a good fit for your future Adelaide SEO campaigns.

After you’ve researched your keywords you should optimise your website for those keywords. Stick them in the titles of articles on your site and write articles that include your keywords and variations of it. Don’t go too crazy though, there’s a term in our industry called “keyword stuffing” and that’s when a website puts their keyword on a page over and over again to the point where it’s unreadable. This practice will negatively affect what you’re trying to accomplish.

Here’s a good rule of thumb for getting a really well-optimised website. Take your keyword and write a 500-700 word article on it. Include variations of your keyword in the article enough time to do each of these stylings to it- Bold one, italicize one, underline 1 and link one to another page within your site. If you follow just this one rule and do it for each of your keywords, chances are you’re going to have a pretty good shot at getting ranked on page 1 of Google, especially if you have a Adelaide SEO campaigns for your business.

You follow me so far? :-)- Let’s continue …


Everyone is going mobile, are you? Look around the next time you’re out in a public place. Notice the huge amount of people glued to their mobile phones. We’re connected anywhere we go, so start off by visiting your website from your phone. What does it look like? 9 times out of 10 it looks elongated and hard to read.

If you find your website fits that bill, you’re making a big mistake. It’s been proven that 50% of mobile searches are for local places of interest. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re handing customers over to your competition.

So what can you do to fix it?

There are plenty of free mobile website converters out there. Head over to Google and do a search. For a really low cost these services will convert your existing website into a mobile version. This version will only show up when someone is visiting the site from their smart phone.

Another option is to rebuild your site so that it’s responsive. This of course is a more costly alternative, but for some businesses it might make more sense. If you really want to give the user the same experience no matter what device they are on you’ll probably go with this option.

Quick guide#4: CALL TO ACTION

This is a really big issue I find with a lot of my Adelaide SEO clients. Luckily it also an easy one to fix, it’s the call to action. What do I mean? When a customer visits your site, are you telling them what you want them to do? Think about what your main goal is when someone visits your site and ask them to do that.

For example you might want your clients to call you. If that’s the case you should have a really-big-easy-to-see headline that says “Give us a ring now for Free-No Risk-Guesstimate,” with your contact details number indicated of course. If you want them to fill out a form to contact you, then you should have that plastered all over.

People need to be told what to do. You get one shot when they come to your site to convert them from a prospect into a client. Don’t blow it because you didn’t tell them what you have to offer and how they can claim that offer.


Did you know that there are special places for Adelaide local businesses to show up in the search results? These special places reserved for local business owners show up right at the top of the first page too! What an unfair advantage, right?!

The search engines can actually track the customers IP and determine if they’re in your area or not and if they are they can show your listing to that customer. You have a true unfair advantage over anyone else, all because you’re local to the area.

How can you take advantage of this? It’s easy you sign up for a free service called Google+ Local also known as Google My Business. I really love Google’s local listings because it take all 5 of the Adelaide SEO expert guides I just shared with you and integrates them into their listing.

What these “5 Adelaide SEO quick guides” means for your local business?

The potential to attract new customers via local search is enormous. More visibility, better click- throughs, more trust and reviews, less competition = MORE BUSINESS. 🙂

Setting Up Google Maps Listing For Local Search Campaigns

Dentist Google Local 7 Pack Screenshot by Adelaide SEO Guy

This process is actually quite easy and straightforward. You simply head over to Google My Business and type in your business phone number. You may already have a listing created for you by Google, in which case you’ll just click it and claim it. They’ll ask if it’s okay to send you a postcard with a verification pin on it and once you receive that post card you just type it in online and your listing will be manageable by you.

However, if you don’t already have a listing created by Google you’ll have to add it in. Adding it in is a fairly simple process. You’ll simple enter your business name, phone number, address, hours, pick a category that fits your business and you’re done. You’ll go through the exact same process of claiming the listing as I described above.

This one step alone is by far the best lead generator I’ve ever used and I encourage all of my clients to implement it into their business.

Just get started!

Now that you already have an idea where to begin with, and a 5 Adelaide SEO quick guides on how to do it, you can revert(always) to Number 1 and begin applying the strategies you’ve read here.

It might appear to be a lot at this time, but put one foot ahead of the other and you’ll get there.

You won’t get all of this completed in 1 day. Better to schedule time each week or even a little on a daily basis. But do TAKE ACTION right away.

You know, the absolute best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. But the next best time is today.

David Samuel is a successful internet marketer and owner of Platinum Web Media. David is also high profile advocate for mental health in Australia. Learn more by visiting and

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