Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Platinum Web Media is an SEO agency in Australia dedicated to increasing website conversions through highly targeted search engine optimisation campaigns. There are no smoke and mirrors; just detailed and creative search marketing.

Our in-house experts understand the complexity behind a great campaign. The SEO services we offer are a potent mix of thorough research, inbound marketing best practice, powerful content marketing, digital PR and data led improvement. Don’t understand any of it? Don’t worry. We love helping our clients understand SEO, from 301 redirects to canonical URLs, and are constantly updating our SEO Glossary which explains all the terminology in plain English.

Increasing a website’s rankings in the search results is just part of the value we add. We deliver more than the vanity metrics – think increased brand exposure, a larger amount of highly targeted web traffic, improved levels of engagement with content, commentary in relevant sources and increased conversions.

No, SEO is not a dark art. We don’t trick Google.

The core values of our SEO services are peer reviewed, completely White Hat and produce outstanding results. Capitalising on the user intent offered by organic search, we ensure that your website represents the most valuable and relevant result for Google, according to your target search terms and Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

The 6 steps for a winning SEO Campaign.


Identifying target keywords and their corresponding search volume, as well as auditing your current site and rankings is not enough. We work with you to create buyer personas and truly understand the user intent behind search terms. Throw in some thorough industry and competitor research, along with careful analysis of the search engine results pages (SERPs), and we’ve got the information we need to build a seriously impressive results-driven strategy.

Whether you are conducting your SEO campaign in Sydney or internationally, we will tailor our approach to you and your business. It’s all about you and who you want to attract via organic search.


Content and link building steal the limelight, but onsite optimisation is the foundation of every campaign. Through a combination of clear user flow, conversion rate optimisation and technical SEO, our onsite optimisation process focuses on leaving no stone unturned. From metadata that encourages high click through rates from the SERPs to schema markup, robots.txt and mobile responsive design that satisfies Google’s mobile first index, we work to set the very strongest of foundations.

Set up of relevant analytics such as Google Analytics (and conversion tracking), Google Search Console and SEMRush is all part of your onsite optimisation.


We are experts at integrating content marketing into our SEO campaigns. Content often forms the central function upon which your SEO will be built. Based on providing value to searchers and potential customers, all of our content is written with a purpose.

From amending services page content to deliver improved user and usage data (as well as on page conversions), to a content creation plan that will secures highly target long tail keyword traffic, our in house content creators are central to the success of your search engine optimisation.


Possibly the most infamous aspect of SEO. Our link building strategies are all above board, complying with Penguin 4.0 and based upon genuine exposure for the client. No linkspam here – you can view our link building as another form of digital PR.

It’s not just about high value guest posts or commentary. We also work on your NAP consistency, broken links and brand mentions to get the very most out of your exposure on other sites.


Data need not be scary. In fact, for SEO it is absolutely essential for iterative and agile improvement. That’s why we take steps to implement detailed tracking via Google Analytics, Search Console and SEMrush from the very beginning. We analyse user engagement and flow, search data, keyword rankings, traffic volume and goal conversions to understand how we can continually improve results.


As an SEO agency we pride ourselves on the level of detail we incorporate into our bespoke, easy to understand reports. It’s just as important that our clients understand the why as well as the what when it comes to their search engine optimisation campaign.

Regular reporting, reviews and campaign clarity are central to our ethos as an agency, and we also love to demonstrate the successes that campaigns have had. Clients relish the results and we enjoy the ego boost too – it’s a win win!