Android App Development

Even Google would not have imagined the success Android has enjoyed, when it launched the nascent open source operating system in the year 2007. Since then, android has grown leaps and bounds in popularity and now accounts for over 80% of the market share in mobile operating system. So, Android app development is big business.

There is another change which is sweeping the world of Internet. A far higher number of people are now connecting to Internet using their mobile devices such as smart phones and the tablets. Therefore, businesses need to include mobile applications in their marketing strategy. Mobile applications offer a window of opportunity to businesses to convert casual buyers in to loyal customers. However, designing an engaging and useful mobile app is a complex process.

Android App Development in Australia

Many businesses have opened their shop on Internet to let the businesses design their own android applications but all of these DIY websites turn out amateurish looking mobile applications. Similar to the websites on internet, there is lot of competition in the mobile application world and almost every business is rushing to have their own android mobile application.

Professional android app developers offer a lot of advantages over DIY apps as well as no name freelancers. Some of these advantages are listed below.

Android App Development Professionals

One of the many advantages of hiring a professional android app development company is that a business gets access to highly trained and skilled app development professionals. Since app development is their core business, a professional app development company will always have professionals that cover the various technologies involved in the development of a professional and engaging mobile app.

In simple terms, it means that the app designed by professional designers will have clean code and will be engaging as compared to cookie cutter apps.

Continued Customer Support

Google has been releasing constant updates to its mobile operating system and every time an update is released, developers need to update their mobile apps to work with the latest version of the operating system. Therefore, a business needs to get in touch with the original developer to update their mobile app on a constant basis.

This is where professional app development companies shine as they are able to offer constant guidance and support to upgrade the android apps to keep the apps running.

Android App Designer Adelaide

Android app development is a complex process and our team of professional app developers at Platinum Web Media has a combined experience of many years in android app development. Our team of mobile app developers has experience in designing simple magazine apps as well as complex apps that include in app purchases.

The ultimate aim of a mobile app is to engage the customer and use the various features to generate business.

We are full service digital marketing agency and understand all aspects of digital marketing. The professional mobile app developers in our team also benefit from the marketing insights from our marketing team. Therefore, you can rest assured that the android app developed by our developers will have all the elements required for it to be engaging.

We have the ability to design any kind of app, no matter how complex it is. So, if you have an idea for a mobile app and are currently looking for an android app company Australia or an android app developer Australia, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Our professional Android app developers at Platinum Web Media will design and develop an engaging and impressive android app for you.