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  • November 25, 2014
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Advantages Offered By an Australian SEO Company

It is estimated that Google has over 85% market share in the search engine market in Australia. Studies also indicate that most of the consumers always search online before deciding on buying a product or using a particular service. Therefore, it is important for businesses to be present on the first page of Google to attract new customers.

Businesses have two choices to be on the first page of Google search results. They can buy advertisement on Google adwords that works on pay per click basis. Buying these advertisements can be very costly, if it is not managed in the right manner. Another way for businesses to be on the first page of search results for their targeted keywords is to hire the services of a professional and result oriented search engine optimization service.

Australian SEO Company



If you do are search for seo services on Google, it will return thousands of results. These results will also include various marketplaces and cheap outsourced seo services. Many businesses have burnt their hands by outsourcing their seo, as they were cheap. They later discovered that either they never achieved the promise rankings or the rankings were not sustainable and worked only for a short period of time.

There is a reason for that. Most of the offshore companies use questionable techniques to rank their client’s sites highly in the search engines. These techniques do work for a short period of time but eventually Google will slap such a website and may even de-index it.

Therefore, business experts recommend that business owners should always hire local seo agencies to perform their seo work. Australian seo services offer a lot of advantages over offshore seo companies.


One of the biggest advantages of hiring Aussie seo services is that these services are accountable for their work. Since they are working locally and depend on reputation for work in the future, they take their work seriously and work on delivering long-term results.

On the other hand, offshore seo companies treat every project as one of the several projects they have to work on. Most of these companies are not worried about the long-term effects of their seo work. Also, clients are not usually knowledgeable enough to find out about the techniques used by these offshore companies until it’s too late.

High Quality SEO Work

Local seo companies already have contacts in the local market and know the market. They can get high authority and relevant back links and citations for your business website. Among other factors, citations and back links are more important for rankings in Google.

On the other hand, offshore seo services, generally, do not have any local contacts and rely on unnatural back links and spam to rank the websites of their clients. These techniques work in the short term but are frowned upon by Google and Google devalues these links within a short period of time. It also penalises the website. There have been many examples where particular websites have taken more than a year to recover after taking corrective steps to repair the damage done by offshore seo company.

Adelaide SEO Company

As mentioned above, it is always recommended for businesses to utilise the services of a local seo company.

The seo experts at Platinum Web Media have helped a number of businesses in achieving high first page rankings in Google over the past many years. Our team of seo experts understand the dynamic requirements for high rankings in Google in a sustainable manner.

Give us a call today and our experts will be happy to work with you and help your website achieve first page rankings on Google.

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