Branding Book

Why your company needs a Branding Book

There was a time when establishing a brand was relatively easy as there was low to nonexistent competition in many business verticals and the new technologies had still not become ubiquitous. However, things changed in the late 20th century as people started getting bombarded with advertisements on a 24 x 7 basis. The advent of Internet really changed things as consumers suddenly had too much exposure to marketing messages that were being broadcasted constantly.

Due to constant exposure to advertisements, establishing a brand today has become very challenging. Therefore, experts recommend that businesses need to have a defined corporate identity. Having a defined corporate identity helps in establishing the brand in the minds of customers, employees, suppliers as well as others.

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Many marketers equate the world branding with the logo of a company. This is definitely not true. Brands are much more than just logos. While logos are an important part of the brand, the overall branding encompasses the character, culture, personality as well as products and services of a company.

When you are creating a brand, it is important to be consistent across all the touch points with the customers. It means that the off-line advertising, online advertising, business cards, web advertising and other marketing material is always in sync and reflects the same marketing message across various mediums. Marketers realize that this is a big problem and the solution came in the form of a branding book.

What is a Branding Book?

A branding book is a document containing the set of rules that describe how the brand works. A branding book generally contains an overview of the brand history, vision of the company and key values of the company. 

It contains logo specifications that also include usage of tagline. It has visual examples of correct and incorrect treatment of logo. It also defines the style and color palette of the logo along with letterhead design and business card design.

Overall, branding book provides guidelines to advertising agencies, marketing team, partners and employees about the use of company brand. It helps in maintaining consistency in representation of company across various media types.

Why Build a Brand Book?

When you are out promoting your brand, you are often going to need the services of different third parties to advertise your products and services. You will hire advertisers, photographers, painters, banner designers and other third parties to convey the image and promote the services and products of your company.

However, if you do not have a branding book, there is a high probability that vendors will inappropriately use the company logo and tagline. They may also use incorrect colors and design elements. All of this can be avoided by providing them with a brand book.

Company Branding Services

Experts recommend hiring the services of an experienced marketing agency to ensure that the brand book brings out everything that needs to be conveyed.

The experienced designers at Platinum Web Media have a lot of experience in helping businesses come out with a well-documented and well-designed brand book. We are a full-service digital marketing agency. Our team has experience in all aspects of marketing and we understand the importance of a brand book.

Give us a call today and our designers will come out with a well-designed and comprehensive brand book for your business.