Domain Registration

Nowadays, everybody wants to have a killer business name for domain registration. There are a few hundred top-level domains available today and ICANN has recently released a list of more than 50 new TLDs (Top Level Domain) all available for domain registration. However, most of the people still add the suffix .COM to a name to reach a website. This makes the .COM extension very valuable. It is the most widely accepted and the most widely recognised domain extension.

However, for Australian businesses, experts also recommend registering .COM.AU or .NET.AU domain names. Domains ending with these extensions signify that the business is Australia-based. These extensions also offer a slight advantage in terms of local search results.

Domain Registration Tip#1 – Avoid Hyphens

It is recommended that businesses should try to avoid hyphens in a domain name. A hyphenated domain name should be registered only when all the other options have been exhausted. One of the reasons to avoid hyphenated domain name is that people often make mistakes while typing in a domain name.

Your competitors can take advantage of these mistakes by registering the mistyped domains and redirecting the traffic to their own websites. Also, domain names without any hyphens look more professional than domains with hyphens.

Domain Registration Tip#2 – Choose A Branded Domain

Businesses should choose a domain name based on their brand. In the past few years, search engines have given a slight advantage to domain names with actual keywords but lately, keyword rich domain names have been shunned by the search engines. Therefore, it is recommended to register and market a branded domain name.

However, businesses should also try to register keyword rich domain names and redirect them to their branded website to take advantage of any type in traffic.

Domain Registration Tip#3 – Short and Memorable

It goes without saying that a business should try to register a short and sweet domain name. A short domain name is easier to remember and recall.

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Domain Registration Tip#4 – Hosting a .COM.AU Domain Name

As mentioned above, there are many domain registrars that offer this service. At Platinum Web Media, our experts will help you in registering a domain name of your choice. as well as the ability to host it for you.

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