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eBay started in the year 1995 and since then has expanded its operations to over 30 countries around the world. eBay in Australia has been very popular and there are many companies that use eBay as their only sales platform. Many other companies and websites have tried to emulate the success of eBay but none of its competitors has been able to match its success.

eBay has many advantages over its competitors. It attracts a lot more traffic than the other marketplaces and therefore, makes it viable for sellers to do business on eBay. Also, eBay offers seller and buyer protection that makes doing business on the website very easy. Even though eBay charges high fees, around 7.5% for the final value of the item plus around 2.5% for Paypal, it also offers sales throughout the year that allow the sellers to list the products for almost free. In addition to these features, eBay of also offers many other advantages, some of which are listed below.

Huge Buyer Traffic

One of the biggest advantages of eBay is that it attracts a lot of buyer traffic. eBay is usually the first website, buyers check out, when they are looking to buy something. Also, there are many companies and retailers that offer discounted products on eBay.

Usually, sellers have to invest a lot of money to bring targeted traffic to their own website. However, eBay takes care of that aspect and a seller has a much higher probability of selling the products on eBay. Also, the traffic on eBay is qualified traffic. They are there to buy something and are not looking for information.

Sell on eBay Australia


Easy for Sellers

eBay allows the sellers to list their products in both auction style as well as at a fixed price. Auction listings usually attract more traffic and also funnel the traffic to fixed price sales. It means that sellers can take advantage of auction listing by offering their products on auction and funneling the traffic to the fixed price items.

eBay also offers a lot of other helpful features to sellers such as feedback ratings and analytics.


eBay has been around for many years and in those years, it has established itself as a trusted marketplace. The feedback system is a huge help to buyers and in general, people have faith in eBay. Sellers can take advantage of this trust and sell huge number of products on eBay.

Branding Opportunity

Even though eBay is a marketplace, it also offers tools to sellers to brand their own store on eBay. Sellers can create their own customized shops and HTML lists. It means that a seller can differentiate from hundreds of other sellers that are selling the same item.

There are some experienced digital marketing agencies that can help you in creating a unique looking store.

eBay Store Design Adelaide

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