The value of an email list cannot be understated. Often times, an organization’s list is its most valuable asset because it opens them – and the partner organizations they partner with – up to warm prospects that become conversions.

Email lists can grow to be quite valuable, over the course of the life of your site, as you earn new opt-ins. But the process of adding email addresses to your email database requires you to think of new and interesting inducements to get your prospects to cough up the coveted email addresses.

Here are seven ways to do it.

1. Free eBook Download

Offering a free eBook is a great way to encourage opt-ins. In fact, this is one of the most common tactics. More likely still, you have probably opted-in yourself for a free eBook offer. If you are concerned about were the eBook will come from, consider editing your old blog posts into a slick PDF and voila!

2. Free Newsletter Offer

Another great way to grow your email list is to start a newsletter. This is another good excuse to repurpose your blog content. Getting users who enjoy your blog to sign up for your newsletter is a great way to recapture them a little later.

3. Add a Sign-up Button to Your Facebook Page

You are probably already building a following on social media platforms like Facebook. Adding a sign-up button to your Facebook page is a great way to continue the engagement off of social media, where conversions happen in your own court.

4. Host an Event

Hosting an event is a great way to gather sign-ups. If you can think of a sufficiently creative event, you can draw in prospects who might be interested in attending. If you make your event open to the public, you can collect email addresses from attendees.

5. Offer a Whitepaper

Whitepapers are all about free education. Offering up a free whitepaper that informs readers about the technical issue is a proven way to attract leads, which can, in turn, help you to grow your email list.

6. Add a Sign-Up Button to Your Signature

Make use of that signature line.Add an email list sign-up button to your signature line is a great way to capture more opt-ins.

7. Ask them to Share

Use your existing list to grow itself by asking your audience to invite their friends!