No doubt, the idea of using other vendors download pages is a concept that strikes you as extremely disingenuous. A common piece of advice given to those starting a new website or blog is to do your own thing. In most regards, this needs to be the case. However, there is something to be said for using other download pages from other vendors to your advantage.

While this concept can make you feel a little apprehensive, there are a few simple things about this that can prove to emphasize just how viable this idea can prove to be.

Utilizing Other Vendors Download Pages

If done properly, this concept is not going to hurt your reputation. It will not cause damage to the ranking of your site on search engines. Your page ranking won’t suffer either. Finally, if this is done correctly, you will not have to worry about creating exit portals in which users will drop off. Linking remains a reliable, respected practice. There are certain things within that concept that you want to avoid, but using other vendors download pages isn’t an automatic “no.” Several perks and advantages can be realized, when you take this subject seriously:

• In the first place, you’re sending out trackable traffic. These posts can generate a number of visits to your website or blog.
• Your website is going to become more valuable. Furthermore, your website is going to be more scalable, as well. No one is expecting your website to be the one and only authority on a specific subject. Trying to be everything to absolutely everyone can be stressful and counterproductive. Using the download pages from other vendors allows you to extend your authority by admitting that sometimes, your users need to get their information from an outside source.
• Most websites that earn links have a solid reputation for linking out in their own right. Someone else’s download page can send a signal to the community that you are eager to be part of that community. Simply make sure you have a website or blog that brings together enough unique content to prove you aren’t just there to get rich off someone else’s hard work.
• Search engines are going to reward this behavior when it is done correctly. This is a nice bonus feature to include with the simple fact that this practice consistently encourages others to engage in practices that focus on participation and contributions.