Email Marketing

E-mail marketing has been one of the most potent forms of advertising ever since the advent of Internet. Quite a few billion dollar businesses have been built on the back of e-mail marketing. It is one of the simplest and most effective forms of advertising that offer a great return on investment.

Experts argue that e-mail marketing is second only to pay per click advertising on search engines as a reliable digital marketing strategy. E-mail reading is a habit and everybody checks their e-mail on a daily basis and even multiple times a day. It offers one of the most effective ways to personalize communication with a prospective customer. 

However, as is the case with other forms of marketing, e-mail spammers have also made their mark in this field and a lot of marketing e-mails end up in the spam box. Therefore, it is essential for businesses today to hire e-mail marketing specialists who can ensure that your e-mail reaches the inbox and also has a message that converts.

E-mail marketing has many advantages and some of those advantages are listed below.

Email Marketing in Australia

There is no other marketing medium in the world that allows a business to contact a huge number of prospects at such a low cost. Sending an e-mail today cost almost nothing and businesses can contact thousands of customers at any time by sending a single e-mail. Also, there are low overhead costs as compared to traditional marketing options.


It is very easy to track the results of email marketing. It is easy to get information on number of people who opened the e-mail, percentage of people who clicked on the link in the e-mail, the number of people who complained about the e-mail as well as number of people who opened the e-mail and many other similar metrics. It offers a really cheap way to test various headlines.


Personalisation is the key today. E-mail marketing allows you to personalize messages for subscribers and also allows you to send different messages based on different criteria. It is common knowledge that personalization results in much higher sales and much higher conversions.

Quick Response

The beauty of email marketing is that it offers almost instantaneous results. So, a business can test out various marketing strategies through email marketing in a short period of time. 

Email Marketing Adelaide

Platinum Web Media offers professional and highly converting email marketing services. Our team of marketers and designers has been active in the field of email marketing for many years and has helped many clients in increasing their revenue substantially through email marketing, done in the right manner.

Our email marketing services include unique and highly converting email templates. Our expert team of email marketers will also help your business in setting up the server in the right manner. It will ensure that the emails are not marked as spam and end up in the inbox. 

We will also help in designing the right marketing message for high conversion rates. E-mail templates affect the conversion rates in a manner similar to landing pages. Our designers will design a highly engaging and converting email template for your marketing campaign.