Facebook Ads

Facebook needs no introduction. Its by far and away the worlds largest social network in terms of reach and engagement and as an advertising network it offers unrivalled accuracy in demographic targeting to help your brand reach the right people at the right time and with the right message.

The team at Platinum Web Media have been advertising on Facebook’s ad platform since day one. We’ve watched the simple bid based ad management system develop into a complex beast – new ad formats, retargeting, sponsored stories, promoted posts, mobile ads – since its IPO Facebook have gone to town on their ad options. Let us help you take control and show you the real ROI on your Facebook advertising.

Our Facebook Advertising Service

Whether you’re new to Facebook ads or are already advertising and looking to improve the performance of your campaigns we start by putting in place systems to accurately test and optimise your Facebook ads to accurately measure your return on investment. We test hundreds or thousands of ad variations, different formats and advert to landing page combinations to deliver on your goals, whether that’s leads, sales or simply eyeballs as part of a brand building campaign.

Retargeting on Facebook

Facebook ads are powerful in their own right. When combined with our retargeting technology they can be explosive. Retargeting adverts at users in their Facebook stream is one of the highest converting advertising techniques available to marketers today. We drive past visitors back to your website with customised adverts based on the content they are interested in.

Reports That Make Sense

Do you want to crunch numbers and spend hours trying to decipher your Facebook ads performance reports or would you rather a simple, concise report showing you exactly what’s working and what isn’t, what you’ve spent and what you’ve made? We’ve worked hard on our Facebook ad reporting so we can deliver timely, clear, actionable and accurate performance reports with as much or as little detail as you need.

Facebook Ads That Convert

The problem most advertisers have with Facebook is getting traffic to convert. A Facebook user is by nature less engaged than, for example a search user so adverts have to be enticing enough to disrupt their Facebook stream and targeted enough to convert. Most agencies that are offering Facebook advertising have a linear approach; sending traffic to your landing pages and hoping it will convert. Instead at Platinum Web Media we work with you to develop tailored content, be it custom landing pages, offers or incentives that have a better chance of engaging a Facebook browser and turning them into a future customer.

Facebook traffic is unlikely to convert on their first visit to your site so cross channel attribution is essential when it comes to calculating the true ROI of your Facebook ad spend. To this end, whatever analytics solution you use (Google Analytics, Omniture, Webtrends etc) we can help make sense of the data and deliver real, clear ROI reports. As with our search marketing campaigns, our Facebook ad management service also includes conversion rate optimisation consultancy as standard.

Expert Team. Personal Service

Platinum Web Media are a dedicated team of genuine online advertising experts who can guide you through every step of your Facebook advertising campaign. We pride ourselves on offering a full and personal service, explaining what we’re doing in plain English and proving our worth when it comes to reporting and insights.