Facebook Marketing: Designed For Small Business

Change is the only constant and things change really fast in today’s digital marketing landscape. There was a lot of hue and cry recently when Facebook allegedly made changes in its algorithm to reduce the organic reach of its pages. However, the truth is that competition has become a lot harder on Facebook as everyone is there and competing for the attention of the consumers. But Facebook still remains the best social network for businesses today.

It is not a place for lazy marketers. It takes a lot of effort and time to cultivate your targeted audience. But, the results at the end of the day are really sweet and Facebook continues to provide top-notch return on investment in terms of marketing spend. Here are a few reasons for maintaining an active Facebook Business Page.


There was a time when businesses just needed to get likes to their page and they were assured of their content in the feeds of their fans. However, things have changed and now mere likes to your page is not enough to build a sustainable business.

Facebook continues to be the place where everybody hangs out and is therefore, the best place to collect leads for your business. Businesses need to change their marketing strategy to attract clients.

Facebook Marketing Australia

Today, marketers need to engage their prospective clients through contests, newsletters and giveaways. It is a proven system of attracting new clients as well as retaining existing clients.

Many businesses make the mistake of pedaling too many products or irrelevant content to their fans.

Smart businesses know that they need to maintain a balance between promotional content and enjoyable content. These businesses continue to drive very low cost leads to their sites from FB.

Low-Cost Marketing

A Facebook business Page costs nothing. The cost of starting a Facebook business Page is exactly zero. It is true that managing a page on FB requires time but overall, it is still very inexpensive.

Facebook advertising continues to be inexpensive especially when compared to other forms of traffic. But you need smart marketing agency with experience in managing Facebook ads. Experienced marketers on FB continue to drive sales for a few cents.

Business Branding

As mentioned above, Facebook is the place where people hang out. So, if a business wants to build a base and sell their products or services, they need to be on Facebook and they need to have an active Facebook business Page.

Facebook Marketing Australia

Activity is the key to success on Facebook. Businesses need to continuously post engaging content that not only entertains their fans but also keeps them coming back. Competitions, giveaways and other such marketing activities help in bringing people back to the Facebook page of the business.

However, businesses find it difficult to create and post engaging content on a regular basis. Therefore, business experts recommend hiring the services of a professional digital marketing agency with experience in managing Facebook business pages.

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