Google Plus

Google Plus: Why Every Business Needs It

Everyone was skeptical when Google first announced the launch of their Google Plus social network. It did not take off initially, but it has been getting traction lately and currently has over a few hundred million active users. However, the real benefit of Google Plus does not lie in its social networking use; Google Plus pages are used by Google to power its local searches.

Today, businesses cannot ignore Google Plus as it as a core component of the Google search, especially for local searches. It also makes it very easy for businesses to offer free information on the search page results such as directions, location, photos, phone number, reviews and various other things.

Google Plus Marketing Australia

However, Google Plus marketing is not just restricted to signing up for an account and posting some content. Your business needs to have an effective strategy to make the best use of the platform and attract new clients. Here are a few tips for businesses to make effective use of Google Plus Pages.

Use it for SEO

It is well known that Google prefers its own property over other web properties. Also, Google allows the businesses to combine their Google Plus business page with Google Plus local page and it helps with local search engine rankings. Also, a business’s Google Plus page is more likely to show in the pack of seven for local search results.

Authorship Benefit

Google has been touting the benefits of Authorship for the past many years. Google Plus brings this idea to fruition. Businesses can link their Google Plus page to their website. The Authorship can immensely help in growing the Google Plus page. Google shows the Google Plus page on the search results whenever someone searches for the business website.

Growing Audience

Google Plus works in different way as compared to other social networks. It allows anyone to add anyone else on the platform to their circles. It means that businesses can add top experts as well as other people in their industry to their circles and hope that they also add them to their own circles. This has the potential to get the content reach a lot more people.

Ask Customers for Reviews

Reviews play an important role in the local search engine rankings and there is no better platform than the Google Plus page to ask customers to leave review about your product and services. It not only builds up credibility but also helps with your search engine rankings.

Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus has the potential to bring tons of leads in but it requires dedication. Businesses need to post engaging content to attract potential clients. However, businesses find it difficult to constantly come up with new ideas for content and engage with other users on the network. Therefore, experts recommend businesses to utilize the services of a digital marketing team that has experience in managing Google Plus page for businesses.

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