Instagram Marketing Service in Australia

It was big news when Instagram was purchased by Facebook for approximately $1 billion. Many skeptics at that time said that Facebook overpaid for this fast growing social media network. However, the growth of Instagram has belied all of the skeptics and businesses are increasingly paying attention to Instagram to drive traffic to their business websites.

InstaGram Marketing Australia

Instagram can offer your business extra visibility and allows you to engage with the community on the platform. The high number of users on Instagram cannot be ignored by businesses. Here are a few creative ways to grow your Instagram page.

Share Your Products

Businesses are encouraged to share photographs of their products on their Instagram account. People love to browse products and having all of your products on Instagram makes it easy for prospective shoppers to browse through them in an easy manner. It also gives you the opportunity to engage fans by asking them for feedback on various features of your product.

If you are a services business, you can share the photographs of products that are used to deliver the service.

Share the Process

Businesses can generate a lot of interest in their products by sharing the manufacturing process for their products. Product features can be hosted by anyone but manufacturing processes are not that commonly available on Internet. It gives something fresh to the fans to talk about.

Share the Uses

In addition to images, videos can also be posted on Instagram. It offers a really nice platform for businesses to share the various uses of their products, especially some uses that have not been marketed directly by the business. Businesses can also encourage the users of their products to post pictures and videos of creative uses of their products.

Share Exclusive Previews

You can make the followers on your Instagram account feel special by sharing exclusive previews of the upcoming products with only your fans.

Show the Office

Post photos of the office and how people in your office work. Such content is not readily available on Instagram and it ignites the curiosity of people.

Introduce the Employees and the Pets

Businesses can share the pictures of the employees and their cute pets. Everybody loves pets.

Instagram Marketing

Even though Instagram has the ability to drive a lot of traffic to your products and services, it does require a lot of time to manage your Instagram page. Businesses find it difficult to manage so many social networks and update them on a regular basis to engage fans. Therefore, it is recommended to hire the services of experienced marketing agencies that have experience in managing Instagram pages for businesses.

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