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iPhone App Developers: Transforming Ideas Into Reality 

Apple recently announced that it has paid over $20 billion to iPhone app developers since the start of the app store. Also, approximately $10 billion of this amount has been paid to developers in the last 12 months alone. This means that consumers are now increasingly spending much more money on apps and that includes purchase of apps as well as in app purchases.

This number is also important for businesses as such high spend on apps mean that consumers are now spending a lot more time and a lot more money on apps and app development should be a significant part of their overall marketing strategy.

Apple sold its 500 millionth iPhone in the month of March 2014 and it has launched new models since then that will add a lot more to this tally. There are very few others smart phones available in the market that can match the features, elegance and design offered by an iPhone. It can be said that the number of sold iPhones is set to rise further as Apple continues to add more features and release newer and better models each year.

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Also, with the increased number of iPhones sold, the money spent on iPhone apps is also going to increase significantly. Therefore, a lot of businesses are looking to launch or have already launched an iPhone app to market their business.

Similar to other online digital businesses, there are many websites that offer cheap iPhone application development solutions. Most of these websites outsource the application development to cheap freelancers and the result is that the application is poorly designed and has a lot of bugs.

There are so many applications available on the App Store that it is imperative for a business to have a well-designed and elegant looking application to have any chance of downloads and installs. Therefore, it is important for businesses to hire professional iPhone app developers to create an engaging mobile application.

iPhone App Company Australia

Platinum Web media is an Australia-based full service digital agency that also offers professional iPhone app development. Our team of experts in App Design & Creation has a lot of experience in creating elegant, interesting and intuitive applications that stand out on their own.

Our developers can create complex iPhone applications with voice control features, multi-touch features, GPS and almost all the features offered by the iPhone. We have already developed many such complex iPhone applications for businesses to help them garner more clients and increase their business.

Stunning iPhone Business Apps

Our team of professional iPhone app developers in Australia offers innovative thinking and expert technical knowledge to create a smooth looking and well designed iPhone app. The app developers in our team also benefit from our digital marketing expertise and you can rest assured that the app developed by our iPhone app developers will be very engrossing and engaging.

Our iPhone app developers test the iPhone app on multiple devices including the previous versions of the iPhone to ensure quick approval. The testing also ensures that the app works, without any hiccups, on all the models of iPhone. We also ensure that your iPhone app is always delivered on time.

If you are looking for an iPhone app designer in Adelaide or an iPhone app developer Australia, you have come to the right place.

Give us a call today on +618 7200 0007 to let our team of professional iPhone app developers create a stunning and engaging iPhone app for your business.