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In simple terms, every page on a website is a landing page. However, the term, landing page, is usually used to define a particular page that has been specifically designed to get web visitors to take a specific action. That specific action can be sale of a digital or physical product, filling of a web form, subscription to a newsletter or just a simple e-mail form filler web page. .

Landing pages are conversion optimised which means that every element on the page has been specifically designed for a specific result, usually to opt-in in for some free information in exchange for an email address to be used later for email marketing.

It is safe to say that design of the landing page affects the conversion rate hugely. Optimisation of the landing page is very important, especially when you are paying through the roof for every visitor via a PPC strategy on Facebook or Google. Therefore, it is very important to get your landing page designed from a design agency that has a lot of experience in landing page design.

Landing Page Templates

There are tons of websites that sell landing page templates you can design yourself online like Lander or Lead Pages. However, it has been our experience that any generic landing page template always fair worse as compared to a uniquely designed landing page that has been specifically designed for your particular campaign.

Avoid Cookie Cutter Landing Pages

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of designers and marketplaces offering thousands of cookie cutter landing page designs and templates. We always advise our clients not to use those landing pages. 

Our team of specialists will design a unique landing page for your campaign after taking into account various factors, such as:

Age category of the targeted customer.
Educational background of the targeted customer.
Geographical Region of the prospective customers.
What is their problem and how your solution helps them. 
Economic category of the prospective customer.
Do they have kids?

Search Engine Optimised Landing Pages

Even though most of the time the term landing page is used in the context of paid traffic, optimising the landing pages for search engines can attract a lot of completely free, high quality traffic. 

Designing search engine optimised landing pages is both a science and an art. The science behind design of landing pages takes care of the various on page elements that should be present to make it search engine friendly. The art aspect caters to designing of various elements on the landing page that make it optimised for conversion.

Our team of specialist designers and marketers has experience in various industries and we know how to cater to specific segments of customers. You can rest assured that landing page designed by us will definitely help you achieve the goals of your marketing campaign.

Here at Platinum Web Media, we specialise in designing customised landing page that offer high conversion rates. We are a full service digital marketing agency and our team of designers and marketers has huge number of years of experience in creating winning landing pages for our clients.

There are many other factors that come into play depending on the category of the product and targeted customers. Our team of designers will first understand your goal for a particular campaign and only then, start working on the landing page design. 

So, give us a call today or contact us to begin the design of your winning landing page.