With any membership site, you need to show members that you are a trustworthy business owner who has their best interests at heart and are there for the long haul. Skeptical members will be wary of paying for something that will not be there for very long. Thus, you need to show new members that you are trustworthy and that it is worth keeping their membership.

One way to build trust with new members is to stay in constant communication with them. Send them an email or private message (via your membership site) and ask them if they were able to find everything okay and if they have any questions or issues. Also, provide them with tips and advice on how to use the membership site to their best benefit. Showing them that you are committed to their success and that you care about their well-being and success will go a long way toward convincing them to trust you.

Another way to build trust with new members is to provide additional, unannounced resources and/or training that can help them gain more from your membership site. Showing that you are willing to go above and beyond what you said you would do will also go a long way to showing that you really care about their success and are not out to just earn a recurring profit from them. Unfortunately, some Internet marketers are just looking at the amount of money from their members; by showing you’re actually committed to their success and well-being, that will go a long way toward them trusting you and willing to stay paying members of your membership site.

A third way to build trust with new members is to ask them for feedback on how you can make the membership site better for them, how you can make it more valuable for them, etc. Unfortunately, some Internet marketers just go through the motions when it comes to maintaining their membership sites. By actually communicating with your members and asking for feedback, you will show that you actually care about their success and well-being, which will lead to them trusting you more and staying as paying members of your site.

Thus, you have learned that staying in constant communication with new members, ensuring they have found everything and know how to best use the site, providing them with additional, unannounced resources, and asking for and listening to their feedback on improving the value of the site to them will go a long way toward earning their trust and increasing the chances of them remaining as paying members to your site for a long time to come.