In creating your own membership site, you may be wondering if you should include a members’ forum within the membership site. You will find out below why you should strongly consider including such a feature within your membership site.

Adding a members’ forum to your membership site has many benefits. One benefit is that members can communicate with each other and make partnerships that can aid them in their businesses. This provides additional value to your membership site, which will make it more likely they will stay and continue to pay for membership.

Another benefit to a members’ forum is that members can help each other out when it comes to accessing the site’s features or knowing the best way to use the site to get the most benefit from it. In essence, you will have additional “support” to aid new members who are not sure how to go about best using the site to get the most benefit from it. While you should always put a lot of effort into helping out members, particularly new members, in using the site, having other members aid them will help you out to free your time into adding value to the membership site for all members.

Another benefit to having a members’ forum is that having active members in a membership site shows that it’s “alive” and functioning well, which can be another selling point to people who are considering joining your site but are unsure on how useful it will be for them. If they see active members continue to engage each other, discuss various topics, and aid each other in their businesses, this will make it more likely for them and other new members to join.

Adding a members’ forum to your site can also lead to members getting more value from your site because it’s bound to discuss various industry topics that you may not be aware of. You, the site owner, are just one person, so it’s virtually impossible for you to keep abreast of every development in your industry. However, if there are multiple people contributing, it’s likely more topics will be covered, which will benefit all members and yourself.

Thus, you have learned that adding a members’ forum to your membership site can provide great value to it. Members can aid each other in using the site and form partnerships with each other to help their businesses. People who are considering joining your site will appreciate active members contributing frequently to the forum, thereby increasing the chances of their joining the site. Finally, having active members will increase the chances of more developments in your industry is covered, which will aid all members, and you, the site owner.