Many Internet marketers want to build membership sites to provide more value to their loyal customers, plus also make it easier for them to earn recurring income without having to launch product after product or promote someone else’s products repeatedly. Membership sites enable them to earn that recurring income by doing work essentially once. While creating a membership site can sound like quite a challenge, the popular blogging platform WordPress makes it relatively easy to create your own membership site.

For one thing, WordPress makes it pretty easy to create your own website; that is why more and more websites across the Internet (about 8% of the Internet) are using it nowadays. Additionally, new features are continuously being added because it gets updated regularly. It also is updated regularly to ensure it remains secure against hackers and other unscrupulous threats.

For functionality, WordPress is one of the best options, as there are thousands of plugins available that can add to the functionality of your WordPress membership site. This includes login functionality; you can restrict access to specific areas of your website to only those who have paid for the privilege to access them.

With the popularity of WordPress as a website and blogging platform, there are thousands of designers, developers, and enthusiasts who can assist you if you have trouble working with WordPress or if you are trying to add a feature to your membership site. Chances are high that there is a way to add what you are wanting to it, and there are many people out there who can help if needed.

Another benefit of using WordPress for your membership site is that with the popularity of the platform and the constant content that is being posted to the various WordPress sites out there, sites using WordPress tend to get a boost in the search engines, particularly Google. Thus, you can get more exposure for your membership site if you use WordPress as the platform for it.

Finally, most Internet users can readily adapt to WordPress, much like they do with a popular software program like Microsoft Word, as it has a relatively simple and easy-to-use interface. Thus, the fact your membership site can be easily used will make it more likely that people will want to stick around and use the content and resources within; thus, they will want to pay to access that content and resources within, thereby boosting your residual income and your reputation as an Internet marketer who provides quality.