One of the main reasons many Internet marketers wish to create one or more membership sites is because they can earn much residual income with it/them. Residual income is essentially money that you keep earning again and again over time from work you essentially do once. In this case, you create a site with content, resources, or a combination of the two, then promote that site to those who want to pay a recurring fee to join it and have access to that content and/or resources.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can just forget about a membership site after it has been created and members start paying for access. If you do that, the site will become stagnant, the value will drop for members, and members will stop paying for access and leave, thus leading to your residual income falling to zero. What you need to do is to keep pushing the value of the membership site higher so that members will have every intention on staying because you are providing so much value to the site, a value that helps them overcome the problems/challenges they are facing in the industry.

Therefore, you need to stay on top of what is going on in your industry and create content, resources, and/or tools to help your members take on the industry challenges of today and tomorrow. You need to update the membership site accordingly with resources that will help them, that are prevalent in the changing industry at large. Staying on top of such changes will show that you care about your members and that you are an expert in your field, two reasons why members will not want to leave your membership site, thereby maintaining and even increasing your residual income.

It is easier for Internet marketers to maintain a digital membership site and have members pay repeatedly for access rather than create a new digital product every time from scratch or repeatedly promoting other people’s products whenever they want to add more income to their business. They don’t have to create a new membership site every time they want to add income; they just have to provide new content and resources (i.e. more value) to the current membership site.

Thus, you know that Internet marketers like to create membership sites to create recurring income streams. However, that only occurs if they continue to add value to membership sites by adding relevant and useful content and resources to help their members take on the industry challenges of today and tomorrow. By doing this, they can maintain and boost their residual income, as well as boost their reputation as respected and knowledgeable experts in their field.