One of the benefits of membership sites for Internet marketers is recurring income. However, it’s not just the membership subscription payments that provide income for Internet marketers; it’s also the ability to cross-promote your other products to current members.

Consider that you have many advertising opportunities when you own your own membership site. All of the products you provide in the membership site are either products you have created yourself or purchased from others and are able to use in membership sites. The fact you own those products and are allowing others to use them is a great way to promote your expertise in this field and convince members that other products that you do not include in the membership site are ones that they should purchase, since they know your ability and expertise and the fact that they have a relationship with you.

Thus, you should take the opportunity to cross-promote other products that you do not include in your membership site. This can include coaching products, one-on-one programs, other membership sites you own, full-course programs that are not included in this membership site, etc. You can promote these other products via signature files at the bottom of emails and private messages you send to members through the site, emails you send to them via your autoresponder, social media accounts, banner ads throughout the site, etc.

The key is to let these members know that you have other resources that aren’t included in the membership site that can help them, and they are resources that you have created. This will be a motivating factor for your members to purchase them because they know the quality of work you provide and your knowledge of the topic because they are paying members of your membership site.

This especially works when it comes to high-ticket products such as high-end training courses, high-end membership sites, Webinars, one-on-one coaching, and group coaching because they will be seen as even higher-value than the membership site they currently belong to. Thus, they will want to gain more knowledge and help from you and will be willing to purchase from you.

Thus, membership sites are a great place to cross-promote your other products that are not included in your membership sites. Members already have learned to trust you and know the quality of the information and resources you provide. The fact you cross-promote other products, especially high-value products, will entice them to join them to get more knowledge and help from you to aid them in overcoming any issues and challenges they are facing in the industry.