When creating a membership site and maintaining it, you have to be sure to avoid some major pitfalls in order to avoid losing recurring income (i.e. losing members to the site) and losing your good reputation. Below, we will discuss three of the top membership site pitfalls to avoid to ensure you don’t lose recurring income and don’t damage your reputation.

First, NEVER take your members for granted. Unfortunately, some Internet marketers will just overlook the well-being of their members, too concerned and interested in the profits they are making to look out for their members. You need to ensure that you always have their best interests in mind and are working hard to ensure that the value your site provides them is always top-notch; anything less than that will lead to them canceling their memberships and looking elsewhere.

Second, NEVER become lackadaisical in adding new products, content, and features to your site. Never think that your site is good enough and does not need to be updated anymore. If you ever think that, your membership site will collapse and so will your residual income. All industries, especially connected to the online world and digital marketing, are always changing and evolving. You can never presume that everything is fine as it is and that nothing needs updating or improving; if you do, your competitors will take your members away from you, and you will be out of business.

Third, NEVER ignore your members. This means that you should always stay in constant contact with them and ask them what they are looking for from their membership. Never presume you have all of the answers to creating a great membership site; after all, they are the ones using the sites, and the site is there to benefit them. If they aren’t getting enough value from it, they will leave, and your residual income and reputation will drop as a result. Thus, always make sure to stay in contact with your members and ask for feedback to keep adding value to the site.

Thus, you have learned to never take your members for granted, never to become lackadaisical in adding new products, content, and features to your site, and to never ignore your members and avoid communicating with them. The membership site is for their benefit; they need to get continuing value from it in order to continue paying for access to it. Your job is to ensure that they continue getting value from it, and the only way you can ensure that is to never take them for granted, never get lackadaisical in adding products/resources/content to it and to never presume you know exactly what they want without asking them. Making any of these mistakes will lead to a loss of residual income and reputation for you.