A digital membership site is a site where content, resources, or a combination of the two is located. Access to this site is restricted and can only be accessed via purchasing a membership to the site. Usually, such access is on a recurring fee, whether monthly, bi-annually or annually. Digital membership sites are a “dream” for most Internet marketers because they can earn recurring income from them for work that they essentially do just once.

A digital membership site can have ebooks, software, private label rights products, video and audio training, and/or any combination of the above inside the site. The only way to access such a site is through log-in credentials, usually consisting of a username and password. A customer of the site gets a username and password upon purchase, either a combination he/she chooses or one randomly assigned by the membership site platform the Internet marketer is using to maintain the site.

An Internet marketer can create the main membership site and sell access to it. However, unlike a traditional product like an ebook or software product, the Internet marketer can gain recurring income from that site, a site he/she only has to create one. However, this doesn’t mean he/she can just forget about the site after that; no, he/she has to continue to provide value to the members of that site or they will cancel their subscriptions, thereby ending the recurring income the Internet marketer receives.

Adding value includes adding more content, resources, etc. to the site over time. There are platforms and WordPress plugins that allow you to restrict specific sections or products to only those members who have paid for a high-enough level of access or who have been members of the site for a sufficient period of time, etc. It’s the Internet marketer’s job to not only make sure that the site continues to function, but that it continues to be useful and valuable for the members of that site, or they will likely end their subscriptions and look to take their business elsewhere.

Thus, a digital membership site is a site that has content, resources, and/or a combination of the two that people pay access to in order to make use of that content and/or resources. An Internet marketer can make recurring income from such a site because a person will continue to pay for access over time, but only if the customer continues to gain value from it. This is why the Internet marketer must continue to add content and/or resources to the site in order to ensure that paying customers to the site remain members of that site.