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Marketing experts have been predicting the demise of printed advertising material ever since the evolution of Internet. But the truth is that printed advertising material has not only held its space but is also growing slowly as new innovations have made print an effective medium for advertising.

Today, it is very cheap to produce awesome looking colored pamphlets and innovatively designed business cards that stand out from the rest. Packaging and labels also offer another opportunity to marketers to advertise to the perspective customers.

When almost everything is moving online, the printed advertising pamphlets, banners, blister cards, business cards have a charm of their own. The glossy paper with colorful design does attract the attention of the average consumer and therefore, makes a perfect advertising medium in today’s digital age. Print ads also offer a lot of other advantages and some of these advantages are listed below.

Print design services in Australia

Non Intrusive Advertising

Everyone agrees that the consumer of today is being bombarded by advertisements on a 24 x 7 basis. Intrusive ads are everywhere. Whether one is watching TV or surfing Internet, an average consumer comes across a boatload of intrusive advertisements. The result has been that an average consumer has developed ad blindness for certain type of ads.

Print advertising shines in this regard as it is completely nonintrusive. A well-designed ad will attract the attention of the reader and will deliver the marketing message in a much more effective manner.

Great Exposure

Another advantage of print advertising is that it offers unlimited exposure. Advertising on Internet or on TV is limited to a particular time period or number of clicks. On the other hand, print advertising is not restricted and a reader has unlimited exposure to a well-designed print ad.
A well crafted print advertisement is more likely to be seen for a longer period of time by an average consumer as compared to an ad on TV or on internet.


A flyer, a banner, a billboard, a pamphlet and other such physical advertising products are tangible products that can be touched and felt. These tangible products do affect an average consumer in a different manner than online or TV advertisements.


There are many companies in various verticals that have shifted all of their advertising to either TV or to Internet. Print advertising offers a chance to their competitors to differentiate them from the others in the same business category.

Australian Print Design Services

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As mentioned above, print as a medium of advertising has certain advantages. But a business needs an experienced print design team to bring their vision to reality. The print design team at Platinum Web Media has number of years of experience in crafting effective marketing messages that lead to increase in revenues.

Our team of experienced print designers has helped a number of businesses in Australia in developing inspiring print campaigns. We have experience in designing banners, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, business cards, billboards, labels & packaging and blister cards. We take pride in the fact that we offer one of the best print design services in Australia.

Give us a call today on +618 7200 0007 to let the best print design services and graphic designers in Australia craft a highly converting and highly influential print design for your business.