Various factors must be considered before making a final decision on whether to commit your resources to either paid traffic or organic traffic. The right way to follow is dictated by a variety of factors which include, your audience behavior, your budget, and your set marketing goals. To help us decide the right way to follow are the below factors.

Factors to consider when choosing whether organic or paid traffic.

Your budget

To decide whether to invest in PPC or SEO, first consider your budget for search marketing. If your pocket is not full enough, you will be forced to stick to SEO optimization, but if you have surplus money to spend, commit it to paid ads.

Industry CPC

For people interested in employing both PPC and SEO, they should always think through how much the competition in their industry spends on these ads. PPC platforms majorly center on bids and not on fixed prices.

SERP Competition

Competition for keywords in big industries can be quite stern and is frequently controlled by leaders in the space. Trying to compete or displace these leaders who have largely dominated this field via your SEO efforts alone may require substantial resources and strategies, and may, in the end, turn out to be impossible. If the competition is small, opt for the SEO strategy but if it is raging, go for the paid traffic.

Are your goals Short Term or Long Term?

To get a clear picture on which source to use for a search marketing campaign, it is vital to consider your goals first. This will help you decide whether to use SEO, PPC, or both. Short-term goals mainly increase traffic immediately while long-term goals build a steady body of traffic over time. For short time goals, PPC is the best choice and offers you quick results. For those attracted in building a regular and valuable traffic over time, go for SEO.

Quality versus Quantity

Both PPC and SEO campaigns drive diverse traffic to your site. Whichever way you choose depends on what your traffic goals are. For all those interested in short-term conversions, testing, and product sales, PPC is the right way to follow. Additionally, for those yearning to build traffic and establish a relationship with their visitors, SEO should be your strategy.

Choosing whether to follow paid traffic or organic traffic is purely a personal decision. Major factors like the kind of goals you have set and your budget are some of the factors to help you decide.