Facebook is arguably the biggest and fastest growing social media website that we have the witness as human beings born in the information era. It is so much more than liking pictures and sharing videos. You can promote and attract traffic to your online business using this global phenomenon and there are a few ways how you can do this.

The old ways of advertising like magazines and newspapers are easily forgotten as they are the most expensive and inefficient nowadays. Reaching 1000 views for your website using Facebook how costs around 0.25 USD, which is less than any other option. You can choose for your Facebook ads the pay-per-click option and in that case, you will pay only after someone has already clicked on your link and was referred to your website.


By geo-targeting your audience, you can divide people by countries, cities, even ZIP codes. This can improve the click-through-rate (CTR) and the Return Of Investment (ROI) for your business. This way, you can have different ads for different customers. The Ads can be shown with pictures of a certain city or with just information that will attract people specifically from that area.

Demographic information.

The information provided by all of us in Facebook is a dream becoming a reality to online business owners. Inserting our age, gender, education and even likes can help business owners get a better perspective of their targeted customers. If you have a product that mainly targets families, you can have your ads in the evening when the whole family is home and can see what you have to offer.

Big images, short messages, and good questions

Big images are created to steal the attention of the viewer. We as people are attracted by big and shiny objects, in this case, pictures. This is a good way to attract a potential customer. Then, make sure that your message is short and clean. You want people to be interested in your product and go to your website for more information. Do not bore them. We have also heard that the quality of the answer comes from the quality of the questions. People love answering good questions and you can redirect them to your website with a powerful, yet easy to understand the question. As a tip, you can include a promotion or a contest in your Facebook Ad, that will link people to your website and you can give one of your products as a gift.