It may seem overwhelming to build your first sales funnel since you have never built one before. Fortunately, the process is not that difficult and can be learned relatively quickly. We present a five-step process below that will help you build your first sales funnel.

First, you need to create an effective squeeze page. This squeeze page must include a free report on some topic of interest to the squeeze page visitor so that he/she is convinced to provide his/her name and email address in order to receive that free report. This needs to be connected to your autoresponder so that the prospect’s name and email address is added to it so you can email him/her after receiving it.

Second, once you have that prospect’s name and email address, you need to send out a welcome email to that prospect, include the download link to the free report that the prospect was promised for submitting his/her contact information, inform him/her about who you are, and let him/her know what information he/she can expect to receive from your email messages.

Third, over the course of at least seven email messages over a period of two weeks or so, you will present more information on the topic/issue/problem related to your free report to show the prospect that you are a respected expert in this field and can be trusted. By providing mostly information and including a link to your main product offer, you can build the relationship with your prospect and get him/her to trust you and your recommendations.

Fourth, when the prospect is comfortable enough with you and your recommendations, he/she will click the main product link and go to your main product’s sales letter. If the sales letter is convincing enough of the benefits your product will provide to him/her, he/she will order your main product.

Fifth, you will present one or more upsells and optionally one or more corresponding downsells. The first upsell will be presented as soon as the prospect has bought your main product offer. The upsell is designed to provide more value to the main offer for the customer, while it is designed to provide you with more profit. The corresponding downsell is the same upsell offer or a slightly different offer at a lower price. The first upsell and corresponding downsell can be followed by more upsells and downsells, each presented after the purchase or denial of a previous upsell or downsell. All upsells and downsells are designed to provide extra value to the customer and extra profit to you.

When the customer has gone through your entire sales funnel, he/she will receive an email(s) with access instructions for the product(s) he/she has purchased, while you will have added a new buyer to your buyer’s list.