Creating your sales funnel can be quite challenging, especially if you have never built one before and if you are not technically proficient in creating Web pages. However, creating a sales funnel is essential to making the maximum profit possible from your product offers. Fortunately, there is technology and resources which can make the process a lot easier. One of those pieces of technology that can aid you in creating your own sales funnels is LeadPages.

LeadPages is a software company that has created a landing page software generator and lead generation software platform that enables you to create squeeze pages via their LeadBoxes two-step opt-in forms. These forms can add new leads to an email list and allow LeadPages’ built-in lead magnet delivery system to deliver your best content to them immediately. This will allow you to grow your list and begin to build a relationship with those prospects so that they begin to trust you and listen to your recommendations.

LeadPages is an established software company that has raised $5 million in Series A funding from the Foundry Group and Arthur Ventures. The company has educated over 200,000 marketers, gets over 1 million page views per day, has over 40,000 customers, and has created over 1 million landing pages. Thus, they have a pretty solid track record in creating landing pages and opt-in forms that can lead to new prospects that can translate into new customers and new profits.

Other advantages to letting LeadPages build your sales funnel is that you can allow LeadPages to host your Web pages on their domain so that you can take advantage of their industry-leading response times. Customers don’t like to be kept waiting; with LeadPages, your Web pages come up instantly.

LeadPages also has a WordPress plugin you can use to utilize their technology on WordPress sites if your site runs on WordPress. If you have team members in your business, you can create sub-accounts to allow all of your team members to access your LeadPages account and utilize their technology to build your sales funnels and your business.

LeadPages allows you to use mobile-friendly templates to build your website with easy drag-and-drop customization. They also provide easy A/B testing and analytics that enable you to quickly analyze how well your opt-in forms and pages are doing so you can make changes to your sales funnel and improve its results.

Thus, LeadPages can give you everything you need to build a successful website and a profitable sales funnel. You can create Web pages and opt-in forms that work with or without WordPress and that can be rendered to prospects and customers very quickly by hosting them directly on the LeadPages domain. You also get powerful analytics and A/B testing to learn how to improve your sales funnel’s profitability, making them a great choice to enhance and improve your business.