Plugging the leaks in your sales funnel is essential to getting the most conversions and profits from your sales funnel. Any leaks in your sales funnel indicate that your prospect is not purchasing any of your offers, whether it’s your main offer, your upsells and downsells, etc. It is vital that you take steps to correct the weaknesses in your funnel so that you can improve the conversion rates and profitability of each prospect or customer that comes through your funnel.

By using Google Analytics, setting up goals, and mapping every URL in your sales funnel, the funnel visualization report will show the number of people who have entered the funnel and the percentage that have gone to the next step of the funnel. You will also see a red triangle alerting you to how many people got out of the funnel before they went where we wanted them to go, as well as where they went. This will help you to learn the weaknesses in your funnel and address them properly so you can have a more effective and profitable sales funnel.

Using the report, determine which page or pages are having the lowest percentage of transferring visitors to the next page of the funnel. Go back to those pages and analyze them carefully. See what could be driving them away from your funnel and not to the next step/page of it. Look at the headlines and sub-headlines, look at the sales copy, look at the spacing of the sales copy, and look at the graphics and photos that are used on the page.

Also, check to make sure that those pages emphasize the benefits of the product to the visitor; what is in for the visitor to purchase this product? Make sure to check the site loading speed as well on all types of devices, from PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Ensure that the site displays properly on all devices.

Be sure to analyze all of these facets and test changes using A/B testing, then attempt to send more visitors through the funnel and see if the conversion percentages improve. Continue to test to improve the conversion percentages and the profitability of your sales funnel. A key to successful Internet marketing is to never stop testing, as you can always improve the effectiveness of your marketing, whether its sales letters, email messages, sales funnel conversions and more.