Many new Internet marketers stress out over how to create an effective sales funnel. They often panic and get overwhelmed by the entire process of a long sales funnel. What has helped some Internet marketers to overcome this challenge is to start at the end of the sales funnel.

Many Internet marketers like to use a “whiteboard,” similar to a chalkboard in where you can write on it using markers. Such a tool may be useful for you to diagram exactly how your sales funnel will work. Plot out exactly how many upsells and downsells you will have and what their price points will be.

Usually, the last upsell and downsell will be the highest-priced offer in your sales funnel. Oftentimes, this is some type of coaching offer or 1-on-1 mentoring, usually costing $100s or even $1000s. By starting at the back of the sales funnel first, you can determine exactly what your greatest offer will be and how much it will cost, then work your way back through the funnel, presenting smaller offers that cost less.

For instance, you may offer a 1-on-1 mentoring program on how to build an online business as your final upsell and downsell. You may be charging $997 for it (and maybe $497 for an equivalent downsell that involves a 3-on-1 mentoring program). For the previous upsell and downsell, you may offer to coach five people on how to write more convincing emails at price points of $497 and $197 for the downsell. For the upsell and downsell before that, you may offer written critiques of five email messages your students write at price points of $197 and $97 for the downsell. You then reach the main product offer, an ebook that shows you how to write convincing emails that convert more prospects into buyers for $47.

The key is to figure out what your greatest product offer is, then work backward through the funnel, cutting out some services and benefits and dropping the price accordingly until you reach your main product offer. This will help you to determine what extra product offers you can provide to fill out your sales funnel so you can get maximum value from each prospect who enters your sales funnel. It also will show your customers that you are a well-rounded expert in your field who can help them in many ways. By working backward through your sales funnel, you can determine what is your greatest product offer and then work your way back accordingly until you reach your main product offer, working your way to lower prices as you go through the funnel.