Secure Server Hosting

Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) or Secure Server Hosting is the technology used for encrypting the data exchanged between a web server and a web browser. Encryption of data means that no one else can read the data except the server and the browser.

All of the financial transactions and e-commerce transactions require use of SSL technology for safe data exchange on the internet.

Lately, many of the well knows websites such as Google, have embraced the SSL technology to encrypt the data exchanged between the user’s Web browser and the website to keep the customer information private.

To enable SSL or Secure Server Hosting, you will need to buy a SSL certificate from one of the many vendors on the Internet. There are various types of SSL certificates available and you will need to buy one that caters to your needs.

This digital certificate will then need to be installed on your web server for secure server hosting. Your web server will also need a dedicated IP address for successful installation of SSL certificate for secure server hosting. Once the SS certificate is correctly installed, all the traffic to your website will be encrypted and all of your website’s pages will start with https:// instead of http://.

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HTTPS Secure Aussie Hosts

One of the biggest benefits of SSL or Secure Server Hosting is that it authenticates the identity of the website. Any user can easily view the SSL certificate provided by the web server that lists the issuing authority and name of the domain for which it has been issued and the validity of SSL certificate.

Therefore, your customers can rest assured that they are surfing the right website.

Accept Payments

You need to have SSL installed to accept payments from credit cards and debit cards on your website. The PCI standards require SSL certificate from one of the trusted sources, among other things. Without SSL, you cannot take credit card or debit card payments on your website.

Builds Trust

Almost all the well-known providers of SSL certificates also offer their seals that can be displayed on your website.

These seals not only build trust but also result in higher conversion rate. Many studies have been conducted to study the impact of these seals and all of the studies concluded that presence of these seals on the payment page increases the conversion rate due to the trust factor.

Higher Organic Rankings

Google has recently announced that presence of SSL  or Secure Server Hosting is one of the many factors, that it takes into account to calculate the organic rankings of a web page.

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Secure Server Hosting in Adelaide

Installation of SSL certificate is a complex process and it is recommended to hire experienced developers to install it in the right manner.

At Platinum Web Media, our team of developers has huge number of years of experience in installation of SSL certificates and general server administration.

Our team will help you in buying the right SSL certificate for your business and will install it correctly so that all of the data exchange is always encrypted.

We have helped many Australian businesses with secure server hosting and our technical customer support is always there to help you with any problems at all times.

So, give us a call today on +618 7200 0007 or contact us to let us help you buy secure server in Australia.