SEO Company: How to Choose the Best One in Australia

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A great SEO Company is not easy to find, but the best one can significantly improve your page rank – and your profits.

Some time ago, in the early days of World Wide Web, before websites like AltaVista and Dogpile gave way to the all-powerful Google, getting a top page rank on a search result was as easy as repeating a keyword over and over again on a webpage.


Well, the Web’s search engines are a lot crafty now. So are their scammers. Google’s PageRank system is their way of identifying which websites are the best and most applicable and useful for every single search term. An SEO specialist’s job is to make a page as relevant and useful as possible, thereby boosting its rank. As service providers, many SEO companies will offer you the stars and the moon when it involves SEO or search engine optimisation, but few will have the ability to deliver the sustainable change they promise. So when you’re choosing an SEO company, you MUST weed through a number of empty promises to find a credible specialist.


David Samuel, director and founder of the Adelaide-based Digital Marketing Company, is a self-taught SEO or search engine optimisation expert. It’s not that he had a huge amount of interest in SEO, he just never felt he could trust anybody else with his website.


“Being an SEO company is sort of like being a graphic designer. It doesn’t take much to call oneself a graphic designer; anyone gets a copy of Photoshop and instantly they’re a graphic designer,” he says. “It’s a bit tricky to separate who is really an SEO company and who’s going to be a black-hat spammer.”.



We’ve framed out what you should and shouldn’t look out for in an SEO company to assist you get the biggest ROI from your improved Google rank.

Choosing an SEO Company: Starting off Your Search.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just Google “Best SEO Company Australia” and choose among the first 10 companies that turns up? They practice what they preach, so they must be very good right? Yes, good and pricey. “Just some of the largest SEO companies have $50,000 a month minimums,” says Elisabeth Osmeloski, the Salt Lake City-based senior editor of Search Engine Land. The truth is, your local business probably doesn’t need the massive force of a top SEO company. You just need the company that will work the hardest for you at a cost-effective price.


There are a several places you can start for references. Ask other small business owners you trust and coordinate with. Ask vendors you found through a Google search– after all, you spotted them, didn’t you? Check SEO groups and web forums like Search Engine Marketing Professional Organisation, Search Engine Guide and High Rankings.



‘They will endorse the freelance SEO guys who have much smaller minimums,’ Osmeloski says.


Stay away from any SEO companies that bombard you with calls and emails or who promise you a Number#1 Google ranking. These guys are likely just offering you a paid off spot in a Google ad, which is not really the same as a top ranking in an organic search engine result pages.


I would most likely start the search by Googling “Best SEO Company Australia” and looking out for online reviews.
Samuel also warns against SEO companies that claim to have ‘proprietary strategies’ of optimisation. That possibly means they have unscrupulous techniques,’ he says. “There is no magic bullet, and there’s no secret formula.’


It’s vital to protect yourself from people who might just be spammers because, Samuel says, “Google is run by a group of extremely smart people, who spend their whole entire lives being smarter and more proficient at beating down cheaters.” The very last thing you want is to get booted off of Google’s index.


Another significant consideration is whether or not you’d prefer your company to be local so you can easily have face-to-face chats and meetings. Samuel says, “I would most likely start the search by Googling ‘Best SEO Company Australia’ and looking out for online reviews.”


While you don’t need to limit yourself to SEO company in your area, it’s almost a necessity to find and hire an SEO company that is pleasant dealing with small to medium businesses and has prior experience working in your particular niche.



“I only do work in the travel industry when I consult companies, because I have a decent amount of travel background and understand the business challenges facing their marketing,” Osmeloski says. “There are a bunch of SEO companies who have a history with diverse verticals, regardless if it’s retail or local plumbers.”


To learn about their past experiences, obviously, you’ll need to explore their testimonials and reviews, which we’ll explain below.

Choosing an SEO Company: Budget and Fees.


The very first thing you have to take into account before you even go over fees is just how much you can actually afford to pay. Fees will be very different across the board, so it’s crucial for you to have a figure in mind and get a dependable SEO company or professional who can work on your budget.


“There are some SEO professionals who are just starting out, who might just charge $50 to $100 an hour or charge a flat rate a month,” Osmeloski says, adding that opting for a freelance SEO consultant is often the more “cost-effective” route than signing with a firm.


The SEO Company may request you to pay by the webpage, per hour, per project, or request for a pre-determined amount of funds to cover the expense of their work for the month.


Some may even charge a fraction of the revenue you earn because of their work. Osmeloski says this is just one of the most reliable methods of payment. If the company has a stake in your success, she says, “you can have a bit of confidence that the SEO company is certainly going to work as hard as they can for you, as opposed to collecting a flat fee each month and not necessarily putting their most imaginative and best foot forward.”


Take note: SEO is an recurring process, so ask the SEO company or consultant just how much it will cost to sustain the site once the big changes have been made.

Choosing an SEO Company: Reports and Communication.


Once you’ve determined just how much you can fairly expect to pay, you have to ask the SEO or Search Engine Optimisation company how much you can anticipate to get paid. What will the ROI be and how does the firm plan to track it?

You must dive into what their strategies are,’ Samuel says, ‘and if they’re not going to show you what their strategies are, you will have to assume the worst.


‘They should provide you updates and reports, because if they’re not , they might just be doing things that Google doesn’t approve of that may have a short-term benefit, but a long-term loss,’ Samuel says.


Discuss the strategies the SEO Company intends on implementing. Some fundamental steps they should be taking to optimise your search ranking include, keyword optimisation, headline and link analysis and link-building from other websites.


‘You must dive into what their strategies are,’ Samuel says, ‘and if they’re not going to show you what their strategies are, you will have to assume the worst.’.


Ask them how frequent you’ll receive status reports and what tracking processes they’ll have in place to prove your Return On Investment. Osmeloski says part of those tracking techniques may include monitoring the variety of e-mail requests, newsletter sign-ups and phone rings you receive.


Make sure these measurements are clearly defined from the start and you have a communication plan readily available before moving forward and requesting for references.

Choosing an SEO Company: Performing a Background Check.


A lot of SEO Company will have feedbacks on their website, but they’re not the references you’re interested in, since they’re most likely the company’s biggest success stories. You want to know from run-of-the-mill clients to see how the SEO Company operates across the board. Request for the names and numbers of a minimum of three companies for a completely honest opinion.


Ask their customers how long it was before they saw an improvement in search engine-related business. Discover if they were pleased with the level of communication the company provided them. Did they follow through on all the guarantees they made from the beginning?


If the customer you’re talking with has been predominantly successful, ask them just how much they paid to achieve that success and how much it has cost them to sustain it.


Also have a look at the Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading to be sure the company you’re considering has a spotless reputation. It might also be worth checking out the company’s own page ranking to see just how well it handles its own SEO. While this can be something you would like to take note of, you don’t put too much weight on the end results.


‘A bunch of SEO companies are so busy, they don’t have time to manage their own website,’ Osmeloski says. ‘It’s the old saying about the shoemaker’s children.


Samuel agrees: ‘Only 10 SEO companies can possibly be in the top ten results, so that’s not significantly a fair judgment … If I ran an SEO company, I probably wouldn’t even try to have my own company in the top 10, because the cost and effort ratio isn’t really worth it sometimes.’.


Googling the company’s name should give you a good variety of reviews that will, at the minimum, alert you as to whether or not the company uses any questionable strategies.

Choosing an SEO Company: Master DIY SEO.


If you undergo the vetting process and identify that you’re either not able to afford an SEO company or think you could do this yourself, why not give it a shot?


Samuel got the hang of the skills he really needed to be successful by researching SEO practices using sites like SEO Chat and Warrior forums.


“Research it,” he suggests. “There is a big community of people who carry this out on the Web, and there’s a great deal of information out there.’


Osmeloski says, depending on how small your company is, and how locally specific it is, you may not even have to bother about your keywords and links. In some cases, updating your directory listings can pull in that search-related business. And the strategies are easy to do yourself.


“Ensure that your listings are in GoogleMyBusiness. Bing provides a comparable service,” she says. “Make sure they have your local contact number, and put it on Yellow Pages too. That maybe takes a few hours amount of work, and for a mom and pop shop, that would fix a massive number of issues.”


Regardless of what path you choose, just make sure you’re reviewing your SEO strategies every six-to-twelve months. Search engines will continuously morph, change, and become more advanced. If you really want to be successful for the long haul, you will have to change, too.


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