Sell with WooCommerce

Woocommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plug-ins for e-commerce store. Woocommerce has been available for the past three years and has since been downloaded over 5 million times. It is a completely free plug-in that has been launched by the team behind popular WordPress theme company, WooThemes.

One of the reasons behind the high popularity of Woocommerce is that it makes it very easy to sell online by transforming a WordPress website into a full-blown e-commerce store. It comes with a myriad of options and it can be completely customised. You can sell both physical and digital items on a Woocommerce WordPress website. Here are few other advantages of Woocommerce :

It’s very Flexible

One of the biggest advantages of Woocommerce is that it is very flexible. Products can be categorised in various ways and a website owner can very easily launch sales at any time. Also, Woocommerce makes it very easy to sell digital goods such as e-books and memberships in addition to physical goods.

It also integrates with various types of payment options including PayPal, Stripe and other merchant accounts. It also supports various shipping options. Tax calculation is also easy in a Woocommerce store. There are multiple checkout options for the buyers. Overall, almost everything can be customised in a Woocommerce store.

Wordpress Woocommerce Australia

WooCommerce has Analytics

Every business needs powerful analytics to be successful and Woocommerce leaves behind other e-commerce solutions as far as analytics is concerned. The web store owner can easily view sales for individual customers, total sales, sales by date, average order total and various other metrics. These metrics are also made available in graphical form. Also, Google analytics can be easily integrated.


One of the biggest problems with any WordPress installation is that most other people use default themes and therefore, a lot of websites look the same and there is no differentiation. However, Woocommerce offers a lot of customisation options and experienced WordPress developers can help you in making a Woocommerce store your own by customising the looks as well as functionality.

Highly Secure

WordPress is installed on approximately 20% of the websites on the Internet and therefore, it is one of the favorite targets of hackers. There have been many instances when an out of date plug-in has resulted in hacking of a site. Woocommerce shines in this aspect as the team behind this plug-in keeps it up to date and regularly release updates. Therefore, you can rest assured that your Woocommerce site is always safe from hackers.

WooCommerce Store Design

As mentioned above, experienced Woocommerce experts can help you in customising your e-commerce store. Our team of developers at Platinum Web Media have a lot of experience in delivering high quality and completely customised Woocommerce stores to clients.

Our team of developers have extensive experience with WordPress and know how to keep things simple and search engine friendly. Therefore, our team of developers are able to assist you offering a top-notch Woocommerce design at a very affordable price.

So, when you are looking for WooCommerce site in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Brisbane or any Woocommerce design in Australia, give us a call and let our developers help you launch a well-designed and highly converting Woocommerce store.