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WordPress Dentist Website Design

Advertising your dentist practice has become a necessity today. Earlier, you could grow your dentist practice by way of word of mouth and by advertising in the local Yellow Pages or classifieds. However, in the past few years, almost everything has moved online. People are increasingly using search engines and social media to search for and buy products and services. A WordPress Dentist website is needed.

Actually, it is imperative for all professionals as well as businesses to have an amazing website that offers quick access to the service. The customers today form an impression of the value offered by a service by the looks of their website. If your website is still designed like the 90s websites, it will be very difficult for you to attract new clients. Also, potential clients today expect to book the service on the website itself.

As far as growing dentist practices concerned, one of the best ways to convert web visitors to paying clients is to offer an easy way to book an appointment on the website itself. There are many softwares available to add such a feature to a dentist website but one of the best softwares to create an online booking form along with other features is WordPress.

WordPress offers lots of features that are useful for a dentist website. It has inbuilt blogging platform that can be used by the dentists to blog on a regular basis. Also, experienced WordPress developers can add highly converting online booking forms so that prospective clients can easily book their appointment.

Benefits of Online Bookings for Dentist Website

Marketers all over the world have conducted many experiments to study the impact of number of actions required by a prospective client to complete a transaction, on the conversion rate of web visitors to a paying client. All of these studies have found that less actions on the part of the visitors increases conversion rate.

In terms of a dentist website, addition of an online booking form on a website greatly reduces the number of actions required by a prospective client to book an appointment.

Another benefit of online bookings is that patients can make bookings from the comfort of their home or from their smart phones on a 24 x 7 basis.

Online bookings also make management of appointments easier, as appointments slots can be updated on a real-time basis.

Impact of Website Design on Conversion Rate

The looks of a website have a great impact on conversion rate. A great looking website with useful content will always have a higher conversion rate than a poorly designed website. Business experts recommend that professionals should invest in a great looking website to increase their conversion rate.

WordPress Dentist Website Australia

There are a lot of website designers who are advertising their website design services on social media and search engines. However, many professionals have burned their hands by outsourcing their website designed to cheap designers overseas. The end product does not take into account the local nuances that make a whole lot of difference to conversion rate.

Platinum Web Media is a full-service digital marketing agency. Our experts have created hundreds of websites for professionals, such as dentists, at an affordable cost. We specialise in creating great looking and highly converting websites.

Give us a call today on +618 7200 0007 and our expert designers will be happy to walk you through a highly converting and great looking dentist website design.

David Samuel is a successful internet marketer and owner of Platinum Web Media. David is also high profile advocate for mental health in Australia. Learn more by visiting http://platinumwebmedia.com.au and http://limelight.org.au

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