WordPress Training

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online, open source website development device created in PHP. In non-geek speak, it's possibly the easiest as well as most powerful blogging and web site material management system around today.

WordPress websites provide a lot more than the few benefits you normally would find in a website program. A blogging software-based website is the new evolution of internet site being constructed today.

Here are some reasons why WordPress sites are far better than traditional websites for authors, speakers and also businessmen today in an extremely trying economy:

  • Save Cash-- Wordpress sites are predominantly self managed when all the foundation work has been carried out. No more expensive fixes or add-on pages
  • Greater Availability-- Make modifications or include material from any sort of computer around the world with Internet access and a web browser without the requirement for added software programs or fixing firewall program setups.
  • Speed of Interaction-- Because you don't need to wait a few days for your designer to make those fundamental adjustments, the content on your Website and even be altered instantly by you, thereby providing your Website visitors the newest information as fast as possible.
  • Easy on the eye - Despite how many pages you include in web page layout, the WordPress format makes it much more user friendly for visitors
  • Better time management-- Include content and set up posts to publish on your site on whatever day or time you desire.
  • Social Networking Friendly-- Immediately integrate your blog site posts with social networks like Twitter, facebook and Linkedin, as opposed to needing to go to each one, login and write a post about something new to your web site.
  • Interact with Present Media-- Easily include audio as well as video clips to posts and web pages.
  • Ultimate in SEO Friendliness-- The building of WordPress blog code is consistent and streamlined. Plus, with the best configuration, you have the ability to customize every page or post you make to give you the highest likelihood of getting your pages in higher search results positions.
  • Online search engine Magnetism-- As a result of your motivation to post content a lot more frequently, your frequency of contribution will bring in Google robots as well as other search engines like magnets.
  • Improved Protection-- One of the topics "against" WordPress or various other blog site software that make use of plugins (plugins are small add-on programs to enhance the ability of the blog software application) is that hackers can hack in to your Website. However, the precise reverse is true: If you have the ideal individuals specialized in the configuration of your WordPress installation, your blog website could be hacker-proofed much more tightly than a standard Internet site. How can that hold true? There are procedures in place to "harden" a WordPress setup. You merely don't hear about developers or designers hacker-proofing standard Websites.
  • Blog articles can be automatically changed to RSS feeds as well as syndicated to blog site directory sites and also various other users' websites.
  • One-Step Post-- It may seem like I'm repeating myself with "ease of use" or "simplicity of discovery" already listed as a perk, but this is different. There are a lot of ways to add material to a Website - simply clicking a button to see your additions in real-time online. There are no 3-step procedures to post material live. It's one single step.
  • Multi-User Capable-- WordPress provides multi-user ability so that bigger business with marketing departments, for instance, can provide modifying power exclusivively and make it read-only to others.
  • Free Upgrades-- Unlike standard Website software application like Dreamweaver, PhotoShop or Flash, upgrades to WordPress blog software applications are free of charge
  • Safety-- Add graphics as well as media by publishing to web server from within your private admin area as opposed to other websites; risking deleting vital documents or publishing to the wrong directory sites
  • Quality-- Quickly change your site format and swap themes. Great for short-term adjustments for holidays or periods.
  • Minimized Loss of Work-- Your work is immediately saved as you type, and it saves even if you haven't posted your blog site posts live to the internet yet.
  • Mobile Readiness - No need to generate a second Internet site just for mobile customers. WordPress immediately recognizes if an individual is seeing the website via an Internet browser or cell phone and even sets up the content to be watched properly on either.
  • Ease of Printing-- Designers are well-known for producing Internet site that are too large to print. With a straightforward plugin, all your WordPress blog website content can be easily published in an easy-to-read format ... without creating replicate "printable" models of pages.  

Why in Platinum? 

Platinum Web Media are the A-Z on the modern technology of web advertising and marketing, making use of the globe's favored small-business site advancement system, WordPress. Our programs are for local business proprietors, self-employed specialists, social networks marketing experts, online aides, conventional (HTML-based) webmasters ... anybody who wishes to discover just how to develop professional WordPress web sites that market. We give individualized WordPress lessons that cover installment and application of a WordPress internet site.